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Scandinavian Foam Mattresses incorporate a revolutionary foam material called Sensus™ that allows you to change positions without ever feeling an uncomfortable foam barrier, or disturbing your sleeping partner. In fact, Sensus has finer cells than most other viscoelastic foams, giving you a softer, more luxurious feeling. Click on one of the beds below to read more about the revolutionary Scandinavian Mattress!

  • 15 Reasons Why Foam is Better.

  • For over 60 years, May & Company has been recognized as one of America’s most innovative bedding manufacturers. They were one of the first to offer the luxurious “Pillow-Top” design, utilized today in the top of the line of nearly every major bedding manufacturer.

    Foam has now been accepted as the ultimate mattress component, and we have carried this concept to a new level of excellence. Our combination of rich foam formulations and thick foam layers has replaced the old-fashioned cotton, fiber, and innersprings of the past.

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It’s completely free to have your sleep system specialist help you find the mattress you have always been dreaming of!

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Learn more about how Scandinavian works and how you can customize your sleep selection for complete rest!

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