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Scandinavian Foam Mattresses incorporate a revolutionary foam material called Sensus™ that allows you to change positions without ever feeling an uncomfortable foam barrier, or disturbing your sleeping partner. In fact, Sensus has finer cells than most other viscoelastic foams, giving you a softer, more luxurious feeling. Click on one of the beds below to read more about the revolutionary Scandinavian Mattress!

Scandinavian Bedding
Beuty Sleep
Luxurious Sleep
The Romantik
The Stockholm
The Silkeborg
The Tivoli Gardens
Consistent Performance
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The Scandinavian Difference

Find your perfect Scandinavian Mattress Sleep System, no matter what kind of sleeper you may be, we have the pressure relief system different from the rest.

  • There is a Scandinavian Mattress that is right for you.
  • Fifteen year non-prorated warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty on foundations.
  • 24 hour rest support and consultation.
  • Enjoy the rest and quality life you deserve.

Scandinavian Legacy Lines Outperforming The Greatest Test, The Test of Time.

Scandinavian Mattress owners love their mattresses, and we even find new owners who may have escaped to a lavish retreat where they get the best rest of their life only to remove the sheets to find our performance and legacy lines.


The Highest Quality Materials Possible.

Scandinavian Mattress hand selects the best proven materials since the beginning of this innovative sleep system concept of pressure relief. Take a look at every other mattress manufacturer and compare our quality difference we lead the rest.

Scandinavian Mattress & Co

Online International Showroom

We are pleased to announce after the successful shipping fulfillment and order processing our export demand we now are engaging international markets.

What are our clients saying about Scandinavian?


“When it comes to quality this chance also gives us the further opportunity to show where these other competitors are cutting corners and passing off this other kind of manufacturing nobody notices until it’s much too late and only to their customers disadvantages. Scandinavian has been around showing superior kind of quality for a long time now.”

– Jeff


“When a company can be around two and half times longer than Google this really says something in such a competitive market place as the mattress industry.”

  • J

“I do know personally that they always make sure to choose only the finest, best, and highest quality materials available.”

– Pam


“You may or may not know that Scandinavian was one of the original “Foam” mattress makers, and while pioneering new mattress technologies was frequent in the past, they still are doing it today strong for over a half century later!”

– Travis

Scandinavian Mattress Foam Mattress

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